Emergency Marketing Tips to Help Your Business Survive COVID-19

Emergency Marketing Tips to Help Your Business Survive COVID-19

The pain, loss and frustration from the COVID-19 pandemic is heartbreaking.

As if the virus isn’t enough, many of you are struggling with how to keep your business alive.

I have something for you that might help.It is a guide of emergency marketing tips to help you get more leads and customers.

Many of the tips can be implemented quickly, for free or at low cost.

Just fill in the form on this page and you will instantly get the links to the guide, and a few emails to help you use the tips.

For those that need advice or help doing the things in the guide, there is a section in the guide that describes how to reach out to us – my team and I will do what we can to help.

Finally, let us know what the top things are that will help get your business through the crisis. For example, maybe what you need most is a website that takes orders because you are now offering pickup and delivery; or you need more leads; or you need help with your IT so that you and your staff can work from home. My team and I will be reading all of the feedback to see what else we can do to help our community. Look for a link on this page and in the emails you receive when you request the free guide.

I hope and pray that you and yours remain healthy. And that you can find a way to keep your businesses alive until this nightmare is over.

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