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Running and growing a business is hard work with endless challenges.

And the rules keep changing! What worked before could now be ineffective or worse, cause problems. It is impossible to keep up -so what does the small business owner or manager do?

Results Pathfinder (an Umbrella Local Partner) has partnered with some of the top tier 1 companies to offer easy, effective, affordable and low- or no-risk solutions to help your business grow and improve productivity.

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What differentiates us from most agencies is that our mission is to design a custom Growth Roadmap for your business so that you only invest in what will work, and only at the right time (eg. if your website does not convert visitors to sales, then let’s work on that before increasing the traffic to your website). 

You can use the Growth Roadmap to do it yourself, work with us or work with others. 

Les C. Cseh

CEO, Founder

For decades, Les C. Cseh has spent the majority of his long hours immersed in learning and applying online marketing to his check/cheque printing businesses (ASAP Checks in the U.S. and ASAP Cheques in Canada).

Les has “sat at the feet” of, and worked with many marketing industry legends, including:

Perry Marshall (Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords + Facebook)
Matthew Pollard (selling for Introverts, sales systems)
Ryan Levesque (ASK Method)
Jerry West (badass SEO pro)
Darcy Juarez (veteran Magnetic Marketing/NoBS/Dan Kennedy coach)
Daniel Levis (the Email Alchemist/Science of Client Getting)
John Fancher (amazing copywriting)
Joshua Long (Bottleneck Breakthrough)
Itamar Shafir (Umbrella Digital Marketing Agency solutions)
Barry Plaskow (Pitchman extraordinaire)
Ken McCarthy (The System Club)
Bnonn Tennant (Copywriting and Landing Page master)
Jonathan Wilson/October Marketing (expert PPC and Google Analytics)
Wordstream (systematic PPC)
Bob Regenerus and Brandon Boyd (marketing videos and Facebook experts at Feed Stories)
John Carlton (uber Copy Writer)
Thomas Meloche, Jon Benson
Jonathan Mizel and more

Coming from a technical career, Les used to do most of the software development and IT, developing a deep understanding of the solutions and issues. He created Results Pathfinder to help other businesses meet the many challenges they face.