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You run a huge risk of wasting your investment and losing valuable time if the essentials are not in place.
Some examples:

  • You invest in SEO, but your competition has a better rating and reviews or message or offer, so your competition gets the clicks instead of you.
  • Your investment in Google or Facebook ads is bringing more visitors to your site, but this is not converting into enough sales because your website is not effective or has technical problems.
  • Your site or account gets blocked/suspended.


Instead of pitching products, Results Pathfinder works with you to create a 3 part Growth Roadmap for your business to help you decide what solutions to invest in, in what sequence, while avoiding potential landmines along the way.


You can use this roadmap for you or your team to do it yourself or to make better choices whether you partner with us or others.


Your investment in the Growth Roadmap can be credited towards many of our Solutions.

It’s simple – fill in the form below, and our team will provide a free initial review of your current situation, and schedule a call within 1 business day.



The team at Results Pathfinder has been a pleasure to work with over the years…

The team at Results Pathfinder has been a pleasure to work with over the years and they always deliver beyond expectations. As an experienced marketer who’s been in the online business space since the Dot Com Bubble of the late 90’s, and founder of the agency October Marketing (https://www.octobermarketing.com/), I recognize the nuances and challenges that e-commerce presents. When I asked Results Pathfinder to help with Marin Artisan’s marketing tech (especially Klaviyo email marketing and the Shopify store), I knew they had the expertise and ability to carefully handle it well.
They’re excellent at diving into our unique set of tech problems and always want to find solutions. They work independently, which saves me a lot of time and effort.
I’m really pleased how well they accommodate my busy schedule, without me needing to constantly get involved. They make our meetings efficient, requiring less time from me but still delivering excellent results. A truly hassle-free experience.
So if you’re looking for a team to support your small business with marketing and tech issues, Les and Joseph are highly recommended. They have the perfect mix of marketing skills, technical knowledge, and friendly yet professional communication. They’re a genuine asset to any small business. Its wonderful to work with a company you can trust 100% completely. 👍
Jonathan Wilson

I recently worked with Results Pathfinder for WordPress speed optimization

I recently worked with Results Pathfinder for WordPress speed optimization and honestly, I’m blown away. The change in my site’s loading speed is like night and day – it’s incredibly fast now, which still amazes me every time I see it.

The team was fantastic to work with. They kept me in the loop with clear communication, making the entire process smooth and stress-free. What I really valued was how they improved my site’s performance significantly without a costly full site overhaul – they understood exactly what I needed.

For anyone looking for WordPress speed optimization, I can’t recommend Results Pathfinder enough. Their approach to tailoring solutions and ensuring client satisfaction isn’t just professional, it’s genuinely caring. They’ve made a real difference for my site.

Zach Hammer

From our experience with them

From our experience with them we have found their team has deep experience on how to provide exactly what a business needs to be successful on the internet. Highly recommended.

David Sopuch

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