Emergency Marketing Tips Part 1: Foundation (First Things First)

Imagine someone who urgently needs to get more website visitors.

They sign up with a persuasive SEO agency with an impressive track record.

They wait.

Weeks and months go by, yet the extra business they need so badly has not materialized.

And they’re out a lot of money with nothing to show for it.

This can happen for many reasons, including trying too much too soon without simple, foundational steps in place.

So, we need to be extra careful with how we spend our marketing time and dollars.

Part 1 of Emergency Marketing Tips To Help Your Business Survive A Crisis is about putting the foundation in place — before you invest time and money on SEO or other digital marketing strategies.

This guide contains simple, straightforward steps to get your digital foundation in place, and many of the steps are free and quick. You can improve your digital presence in as little as one day. 

Website Essentials So You Don’t Waste Your Marketing Investment

The first section of Part 1 is focused on your website, with seven important things you need to have in place.

Without them, Google may not even show your website when people are searching. If Google does show your website, people may not click.

And if they do click, they may immediately “bounce” and go to another site. All bad. Implement these key steps to form your digital foundation—show up in search results, outshine competitors, generate site traffic, and convert visitors into customers. 

Free Prominent Business Listing From Google

The second section describes the importance of setting up your Google My Business page.

Then, when someone is searching for your business, they will see vital information displayed prominently. Plus, you get a free platform for developing your rating and reviews. 

Establish Trust Using Rating and Reviews

The third section describes how to build up your ratings and reviews, which is vital in order to convert casual searchers into website visitors. 

Looking for Advice or Help?

Help and advice are available. We encourage you to add comments and questions below, and you can reach out to our team by visiting the Contact page.

Our thoughts and prayers are with our fellow business owners as we all look for ways to get through the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

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