A Slow WordPress Site Will Hurt Your Online Business – We Can Fix That, Guaranteed!

Small Business Owners – If Your Website Is Slow, You Are Losing New Customers To Competitors and Wasting Your Marketing Dollars



Is Your WordPress Site Slowing You Down?

A slow WordPress site can cause more damage to your small business sales than you think.

  1. Lost Visitors: Visitors get frustrated with slow load times and may leave your site for faster, competitor sites.
  2. Lost Revenue: When visitors leave, the potential for sales leaves with them.
  3. Lowered Rankings: Search engines like Google favor faster sites. Your slow site might be hurting your search engine rankings.

Remember, your WordPress site should be helping your business, not hindering it. If you’re struggling with slow load times, you’re not alone—and there’s a solution.

Don’t Lose the Mobile Race: The High Cost of Slow Load Times

As more customers use their phones for online browsing, the mobile speed of your WordPress site becomes crucial. Slow mobile load times can swiftly turn away potential customers. Here are some eye-opening stats:

“53% of mobile site visitors leave a page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load.”

“Nearly half of web users expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less, and they tend to abandon a site that isn’t loaded within 3 seconds.”

“As page load time goes from 1 second to 5 seconds, the probability of a mobile user bouncing increases by 90%.”

How Do I Know If My Website Is Too Slow?

Instead of guessing whether or not your website is fast enough, you can find out in seconds, right now, what Google thinks of your website speed. 

If the performance score at the top is less than 90 or your “speed index” is less than 2, you may be losing a LOT of website visitors, and Google may be holding your website rankings back.

Here are some other ways to know if your WordPress website is too slow:

  1. Visitors leave your site quickly: This is especially true for mobile users who expect fast, seamless experiences.
  2. Pages take more than two seconds to load on cell phone networks: This is a major red flag, especially for mobile users who are likely to abandon the page.
  3. You’ve received feedback about slow loading times: If your customers are complaining, it’s time to take action.
  4. Your site ranks low in search engine results: Slow sites are often penalized by search engines.


Our Guaranteed Solution to Speed Up Your WordPress Site


$ 249

For WORDPRESS websites up to 15 pages and 50 images/200MB total image size

  • 90+ Google Score and 3 or lower Speed Index or you don’t pay!
  • 2-3 Day Turnaround
  • No Redesign Required
  • Hassle-free Process
  • Clear Reports
  • 1 year speed boost plugin license
  • Free 30 day checkup and re-tune


$ 299


$ 999

For More Complex WORDPRESS Sites

  • 90+ Google Score and 3 or lower Speed Index
  • 3-10 Day Turnaround
  • No Redesign Required
  • Hassle-free Process
  • Clear Reports
  • 1 year speed boost plugin license
  • Free 30 day checkup and re-tune

Speed Boost Maintenance Plan

$ 97/yr

For WORDPRESS websites up to 15 pages and 50 images/200MB total image size

  • Monthly check to see if performance has dropped
  • 1 free performance tuneup

Super Affordable: We have made this service affordable for most small business owners. If half or more of your website visitors currently leave due to slow speed, think of how much ad spend and potential sales you’re losing. Our service can help you capture that revenue by making your website faster and more appealing to visitors.

Here’s what you can expect with our Speed Boost Standard package:

  • Guaranteed Performance: We guarantee to get your Google performance score to 90+ and your speed index to a maximum of 3, usually better.
  • Fast Results: See significant improvements in your site’s speed within 2-3 business days.
  • No Redesign Needed: We boost your site’s speed without changing its look and feel.
  • Easy Process: All you need to do is provide our team with access. We’ll handle the rest, allowing you to sit back and focus on running your business.
  • Super Affordable: We have made this service affordable for most small business owners.
  • Transparent Reporting: We provide a clear report of your site’s speed before and after our service. Plus, we’ll give you additional recommendations to further improve performance.
  • WordPress Cache Check and Tuneup: If your WordPress site is not already saving content to a local “cache”, we will install the free LightSpeed plugin and configure it.
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network): We will advise if we feel it is worth the extra investment in an affordable CDN service so that people searching from farther away, especially when there are many and large graphics and videos. will see faster performance.

Optional Speed Boost Maintenance Plan: To ensure your site stays speedy, we offer an optional maintenance plan. Twice a year, we’ll check your site’s speed and make any necessary adjustments.

Note on Plugin Licensing: The speed optimization process utilizes the Perfmatters plugin, which has an inexpensive annual renewal fee, currently around $20 USD / $27 CAD. This cost ensures your plugin stays updated and effective in maintaining your site’s speed.

Our goal is to make your WordPress site as fast as it can be, helping you retain visitors, and give Google more reasons to boost your SEO rankings. Plus, our service comes with a guarantee: you’ll see notable improvements in site speed, or we’ll promptly refund the very affordable fee. 

Imagine if your WordPress site loaded swiftly and smoothly, keeping website visitors engaged and enhancing their user experience. With our solution, this can be your reality.

How the Results Pathfinder WordPress Speed Boost Standard Service Works

1. If possible, you or your IT person creates a copy of your website on your server so that your website remains unaffected until we are ready to go live with our changes. If this isn’t practical, no worries !

2. You or your website administrator provides us with admin access to your WordPress site (we will send you a link you can use so that it is sent to us securely, and if you are not sure how, we have a video to help).

3. Within 2 business days, we start work on a copy of your website and test that it works properly after the speed boost.

4. Once we have finished, we schedule with you a convenient time to apply the changes to your live site.

5. As soon as your live site has been updated and tested again, you / your team should also to test to make sure that your speed boosted site is working properly.

6. We provide you with before and after reports using Google PageSpeed Insights and WebPage Test.

7. You remove our access to your webiste (we provide a video if you are not sure how, and can step you through it on a call)

8. If we are unable to achieve the guaranteed speed boost, we promptly refund your payment, and you can continue to use the speed boost plugins at no cost for 1 year.

9. 30 days later, for free, we check back and retest performance, and if there are any issues, request access again so we can do a tune-up.

The Hidden Costs of a Slow Loading WordPress Website

  • Save on Ad Spend: If half or more of your website visitors are currently leaving due to slow speed, consider how much ad spend you’re wasting. Our $249 service fee is minimal in comparison and can help improve visitor retention, making your ad spend more effective.
  • Boost Sales: Given that a slow website can drive away over half of your visitors, how much potential sales revenue are you losing each day? For just $249, our service can help you capture that revenue by making your website faster and more appealing to visitors.
  • Invest in Success: Think about the number of visitors leaving your website because of slow load times. Every visitor is a potential customer. For only $249, you can stop losing prospects and start converting them into customers.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

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How is it even possible to dramatically speed up a slow WordPress site without rebuilding it?

That’s a great question! Speeding up a WordPress site using our service can feel like magic, but it’s actually about using the right tools and techniques. Here’s a simple explanation:

Plugins for Behavior Adjustment: Certain plugins allow us to adjust how your website behaves, like delaying non-essential tasks until after the important content has loaded. It’s kind of like tidying a room by organizing tasks and doing them efficiently.

Image Compression Plugins: These plugins help reduce the size of your website images without losing quality. Think of it like packing a suitcase – these plugins help us fit more into your website without it getting too heavy!

Caching Plugins: These special plugins store a ready-to-display version of your website so the server doesn’t have to prepare it each time a visitor arrives. It’s like a restaurant pre-making popular dishes during rush hour, so they’re ready to serve as soon as customers order.

By using these tools and techniques, we can dramatically improve the speed of your WordPress site without having to rebuild it from scratch!

Does the service cause any downtime on my website? 

No, our service is designed to optimize your site without causing any downtime. You can expect your website to remain available to visitors throughout the optimization process.

What access do you need to optimize my wordpress website? 

We’ll need temporary admin-level access to your WordPress site to carry out the speed optimization process. Our team handles this securely, and we do not store your access details after the service is complete, unless you have signed up for the optional Maintenance package.

What happens if my wordpress site speed doesn’t improve as much as you promise?

Our service comes with a guarantee: you’ll see notable improvements in site speed, or we’ll promptly refund your service fee. We’re committed to making your WordPress site as fast as it can be.

How do you measure my website speed?

When it comes to measuring website speed, it’s crucial to use reliable tools that provide accurate and comprehensive data.

While many services use GTmetrix, we find that it doesn’t always provide the most precise results as it mainly focuses on desktop measurements. In today’s mobile-first world, this approach can leave some significant gaps in understanding a site’s true speed performance.

We also use Google PageSpeed Insights, which is a great tool that offers useful site speed data and is directly linked with Google’s ranking algorithms. However, it can sometimes be misleading as it simulates speed based on certain conditions rather than measuring actual load times for real users.

To overcome these limitations, we complement Google PageSpeed Insights with WebPage Test. WebPage Test measures actual performance across multiple sessions and allows for advanced testing parameters, providing a more accurate reflection of the user experience.

By using these tools together, we can provide a comprehensive assessment of your site’s speed and make adjustments that will genuinely benefit your visitors and potential customers.

Is it possible that my WordPress website can’t be boosted adequately?

There can be situations where it’s challenging to significantly boost a website’s speed without more effort. Some potential reasons might include:

Server Speed: If your website is hosted on a slow or shared server, it can limit how fast your site can load, no matter how much we optimize the website itself. It’s like trying to run fast in a race while wearing heavy boots. When this seems to be the case, our team can provide recommendations, such as upgrading your hosting plan or changing hosting providers.

Website Structure: Some websites are built in a way that makes optimization difficult. For example, if a site relies heavily on large, complex scripts, it might be challenging to boost speed without significant changes to the site’s content or design. The Results Pathfinder team is experienced in addressing these issues and can suggest appropriate solutions.

Outdated Plugins or Themes: Sometimes, older plugins or themes that are no longer maintained by their developers can slow down a site noticeably. In such cases, we can provide recommendations for more modern, efficient alternatives.

External Scripts: If your website uses many external scripts (like tracking codes, chat widgets, etc.), these can slow down your website as they often need to load resources from other servers. We can assist in identifying and minimizing the impact of these scripts.

In most cases, we can still achieve noticeable improvements in site speed by applying a variety of optimization techniques. However, the extent of these improvements can vary depending on factors like the ones mentioned above.

What are the most important numbers on the performance report?

Great question! When we talk about website performance, we’re often talking about three “Core Web Vitals” that Google thinks are really important.

1. Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): This is about how quickly the main content on your page loads. It’s like how fast a book opens to the first page you want to read. We want it to be 3 seconds maximum, and ideally 2 seconds or less.

2. First Input Delay (FID): This measures how soon someone can start actually using your website page after it loads.

3. Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): This checks if things on your page move around as the site loads. It’s like how annoying it is when you’re reading a book and the words start jumping around! We want this score to be less than 0.1, which means very little shifting.

These numbers tell us if your site is fast, responsive, and stable. Our goal in optimizing your site is to make these numbers as good as possible, to create a great experience for your visitors and give Google more reasons to love your site!

What if I update my website or add new content, will it slow down again? 

Adding new content or updating your website won’t necessarily slow it down, but it’s certainly possible. It’s important to follow best practices for maintaining speed, such as optimizing images and minimizing unnecessary plugins. Our Speed Boost Maintenance Plan offers regular check-ups to keep your site performing optimally.

How will I know that mywordpress site speed has improved?

We provide a clear report showing your site’s speed before and after our service. Plus, we offer additional recommendations to maintain and improve your performance further.

Why does my wordpress website seem faster or slower than the reports show?

That’s a great question! Sometimes, what we see or feel when we use a website can be different from what the performance reports say. Here’s why:

Location Matters: The reports usually measure from a location that might be different from where you are. Think of it as mail delivery: a letter sent to your next-door neighbor arrives faster than one sent to a cousin in another country. The further data has to travel, the longer it might take.

Simulated Conditions: Website speed testing tools try to to simulate browsing on a slightly older mobile device over a 4G cellular connection. It’s like testing how fast a car can go on a slightly bumpy road rather than a smooth highway. So, if you’re using a newer device or a faster internet connection, the website might seem speedier to you.

Device and Browser: The device and browser you use can affect website speed. For example, newer computers, smartphones, and browsers can usually load sites faster than older ones. It’s like comparing how fast a new sports car can go compared to an old pickup truck.

Internet Connection: Your own internet speed also matters. If your home or office internet is slow or busy with other tasks, websites can seem slower. It’s similar to driving in traffic; if the roads are busy, it can take longer to reach your destination.

Website Traffic: If many people are visiting the website at the same time, it can slow down the site. It’s like how a store can get crowded during a big sale, causing checkout lines to get longer.

So, while performance reports try to give an average experience, individual experiences can indeed be different. That’s why your site might seem faster or slower than what the reports show. But don’t worry. Our goal is to make your website as fast as it can be for everyone, no matter where they are or what device they’re using!

What do all the numbers on the performance report mean?

Sure! Let’s break down some of the most common ones:

First Contentful Paint (FCP): This tells us when the first bit of content shows up onscreen. It’s like the moment you see the first runner in a race appear from a distance. A good FCP is under 1 second, but ideally, we want this to be as quick as possible, often aiming for half a second.

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): This measures when the largest item on your page has loaded and is visible. It’s like waiting for the main dish at a restaurant. A good LCP is under 2.5 seconds, but ideally, we aim for 2 seconds or less.

First Input Delay (FID): This checks how long it takes for your site to react when a visitor first interacts with it, like clicking a button. It’s like pressing an elevator button and waiting for the doors to open. A good FID is less than 100 milliseconds, and ideally, we want this to be almost instant.

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): This checks if items on your webpage move around as it loads. It’s like how annoying it is when you’re trying to click something, and it moves! We aim for less than 0.1 – this means very little shifting.

Time to Interactive (TTI): This measures the time it takes for your site to become fully interactive, like how long till all the toys are set up and ready to play at a playground. A good TTI is under 3.8 seconds, but ideally, we aim for 3 seconds or less.

Speed Index (SI): This indicates how quickly the contents of a webpage are visibly populated, like how fast a painter can complete a picture. A good SI is under 2.5 seconds, but ideally, we aim for under 2 seconds.

Each of these numbers gives us insights into how fast and user-friendly your website is. Our goal is to not only achieve good numbers but to strive for these ideal targets to ensure a smooth and enjoyable user experience!


I recently worked with Results Pathfinder for WordPress speed optimization

I recently worked with Results Pathfinder for WordPress speed optimization and honestly, I’m blown away. The change in my site’s loading speed is like night and day – it’s incredibly fast now, which still amazes me every time I see it.

The team was fantastic to work with. They kept me in the loop with clear communication, making the entire process smooth and stress-free. What I really valued was how they improved my site’s performance significantly without a costly full site overhaul – they understood exactly what I needed.

For anyone looking for WordPress speed optimization, I can’t recommend Results Pathfinder enough. Their approach to tailoring solutions and ensuring client satisfaction isn’t just professional, it’s genuinely caring. They’ve made a real difference for my site.

Zach Hammer

From our experience with them

From our experience with them we have found their team has deep experience on how to provide exactly what a business needs to be successful on the internet. Highly recommended.

David Sopuch

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The audit Les conducted was incredibly detailed! His roadmap document now serves as a guide that we can turn to and execute as budget permits.

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