Umbrella Local Magazine Issue #06 04/2022

This issue includes:

  • Is It Worthwhile For My Small Business to Hire a Marketing Consultant?

Some small business owners think that only large businesses should hire marketing consultants. These small business owners are busy with the day to day grind and sometimes don’t feel they have either the time or the money to bring on this kind of high-powered help. But the fact is that every business needs strategic analysis that paves the way for marketing to support and drive business goals. That’s an important part of what a good marketing consultant can provide

  • How To Create Webinars That Generate Buzz

We now live in a world where working and holding meetings remotely have become increasingly common. Things may never go back to how they were before. Telecommuting is here to stay for many people, making webinars critical for today’s marketing and sales efforts.

  • Hashtags for Business Demystified

Hashtags for business can make a huge difference in the success of your social media campaigns, particularly on Instagram. Using them effectively can greatly expand your reach and increase your followers. Yet many small businesses are using them ineffectively. In some cases, hashtags can even decrease engagement. It takes a bit of finesse.

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