Why Q5 (December 16 to New Year’s) Can Be Great for Boosting Your Small Business Online


  • “Q5” is the period from December 16 to New Year’s.
  • Most small businesses (and even marketers) don’t know about it!
  • Unique opportunity to boost your small business online.
  • Lower ad costs and high customer interest make it great for marketing.
  • Learn how to take advantage of Q5 in our latest blog post.

Understanding Q5

New to “Q5”? It’s a term used to define the period from December 16th to New Year’s Day. It’s a time frame that often goes unnoticed in the marketing world as many businesses are winding down after the holiday season or gearing up for the New Year. But, Q5 can present some unique opportunities.

Given the lower competition during this period, advertising during Q5 could be a pleasant surprise. Q5 is typically characterized by reduced ad costs, resulting from the winding down of many businesses’ marketing efforts. And what does every business love? High returns at low costs!

Benefits of Q5

One of the first benefits you’ll notice with Q5 is the lower advertising costs. With many businesses wrapping up their holiday campaigns, competition drops, leading to a decrease in ad prices. This means you can get more bang for your buck!

But it’s not just about reduced costs. Q5 also brings continued consumer interest. Even after the holidays, consumers are still in the mood to shop. They’re on the lookout for post-holiday deals or places to spend their holiday gift cards.

Another advantage? The potential for high engagement rates during Q5. Platforms like TikTok and Meta love ads that get a lot of engagement. If you had a top-performing ad over the holiday season, continuing it into Q5 could help you maintain those high engagement levels.

Who Benefits from Q5

If you’re in e-commerce or sell consumer goods, Q5 can be a gold mine. You can capitalize on post-holiday sales, promote New Year-themed products, and take advantage of the reduced competition to get your ads seen by more people.

What about B2B businesses? They can also find value in Q5. Many companies are planning for the New Year or have budgets they need to spend before the year ends. Offering services that help them achieve their goals can be a great strategy.

Professional service providers shouldn’t feel left out either. Q5 can be a fruitful time to help clients wrap up the year or prepare for the new one. Whether it’s tax consulting for year-end adjustments or health and fitness services aimed at New Year’s resolutions, there are opportunities to be seized.

How to Take Advantage of Q5

So, you’ve learned about the benefits of Q5 and you’re ready to boost your small business during this often-overlooked period. But where do you start? Here are some simple steps to make Q5 work for you:

First, think about extending your holiday campaigns into Q5. If you had an ad that did really well over the holidays, why not keep it going? With lower ad costs and people still in the shopping mood, it’s a great chance to keep the good vibes rolling.

Next, consider creating special offers that celebrate the season. People are still feeling festive and many are eager for the New Year. Offers around post-holiday sales or tied to New Year’s resolutions can be a hit with your customers.

Lastly, think about timing. Keep up the energy from the holiday season, but also think about the best moments to reach your customers. Some might be checking out post-Christmas sales, while others could be planning for the New Year.


You’ve now got a secret weapon in your small business toolbox: Q5. This period from December 16th to New Year’s Day is a unique opportunity to keep the marketing momentum going and get your business seen online. Whether you’re in e-commerce, B2B, or providing professional services, Q5 presents potential benefits everyone can seize.

By the way, we’ll be testing some ads during Q5, and we’d love to hear if you’ll be dipping your toes in these waters, too. Let us know in the comments if you’re planning to try out Q5 marketing and how it goes!

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This blog post was inspired by an article on Q5 marketing strategies in Ad Tactics Digest. You can read the original article here.

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